Monday, June 23, 2008

Alex is 1!

Wow...I can't believe that it has already been six months since we created our last blog. I know we have really been slacking, but time has just flown! Our little Alex is already 13 months old!

On May 25th we celebrated "Al Pal's" (Daddy's newest nickname) 1st birthday. It was a blast and Alex was spoiled rotten. It was just a small party with our clostest family and friends, and it was so much fun.

This summer Mommy and Alex get to hang out all day together. Mommy already says she is going to cry her eyes out when she has to go back to school in August. The two of us will be traveling to Mullen at the end of the month to see Grandpa Don, Grandma Jane and Uncle Steve, Aunt Crystal, Brady, Luke and Alex will meet for the first time Uncle Kevin, Aunt Becky, Braden and Logan. We can't wiat. Look for those pictures to come. Enjoy the photos from Alex so far in 2008!

Alex learning to eat with a fork. He is actually really good at it and always requests one at every meal!

A-Man loves to eat!

Alex and Mommy at cousin Lyndsee's and Andrew's wedding. Alex is all happy because he just got done sleeping through the entire ceramony!

Alex playing at his birthday party with Thaden and Ella.

Alex's First Birthday Cake!

Alex prefered to poke at his cake and eat very little. So far he is a boy who doesn't like sweets.

Mommy got a little creative with the hair gel!