Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nothing Beats Thanksgiving in Mullen!

I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing weekend then our trip home to Mullen for Thanksgiving. We had such a great trip! Alex loves everything about being at "Drandma & Drandpa's."

Alex posing for a quick picture before we left for Omaha.
A nice third year generation picture.

ANNIE!!! Alex loves my Dad's horse, Annie and of course we had to go see her several times while we were home. Alex also thinks every horse in the world is named Annie.

The first time Alex sat on Annie!
He didn't know what to think of it at first. He didn't hate it, but he didn't stay on too long!
Mom getting to lead Annie around the carrels, with the help for Alex and Grandpa.
This is Alex's favorite toy at my parents. He never forgets it...AND...he also didn't forget that the last time we were home that Grandpa pulled him aournd in the car with a rope. So of course we had to play that game agian!
Chad pulling Alex around in his car.

Alex was having the time of his life!
Just enough time for a quick photo...then he was off again.
I just love hanging out back home in Mullen, there is nothing to worry about and only time relax and enjoy the company. And if your got to catch up on some major TV time! I love ya babe! :)

A Little Family Time...

The Kruse family has been able to hang out quite a bit during this Advent Season. We have done lots of things as a family. Here are some of them...
Alex all decked out in his winter "Puttin' Up Lights" Gear.

Alex and Dad on a little break from hanging up Christmas lights outside.

Although Chad looks drunk...I can guarantee you he isn't! This is one of those squeeze together and hope we can all fit into this picture, picture.
This may be the cutest pose over...actually after decorating outside, he settled down to watch a little TV and this is how I caught him sitting...too cute!

Alex putting the Angel on top of our Christmas tree.

Alex loves riding the wheel and Mom is terrified of it, so Dad got to ride with him. This could be on Alex's Top 5 List of things to do!
Alex and Dad getting off the Wheel.
S N O W D A Y! -
T H A T T U R N E D I N T O 3 S N O W D A YS!!!
Alex helping Mom and Dad shovel show during our 1st big snow of the season.
What a little helper! Like father, like son.
Alex and Mom got to spend 3 whole days at home becuase of the snow! Dad got to spend one day at home with us too...but he was not fun because he had to work from his computer the whole day!

Tailgating 2009!

Gotta love our Shives Tailgate! This was before the Oklahoma game, where we dominated the Sooners!! A big Thank You goes out to Gary Shives for all of the hard work and good times he has put in to make such a fun tailgate. Go Huskers!
Chad & Mia
Jessie Shives, Mia & Nicole Shives - I love these girls! By the way...Congrats to both of them...Jessie is now engaged to Paul and Nicole is expecting their 1st child!!!! Yah!!
Jessie and Paul...Doing what they do...whatever that is!??!??!

Chris Shives (the new daddy-to-be!!), Joe Hefflinger (love the smile), Carl Bartholomew & Chad Ruwe

Alex, Paul and Chad...I believe this picture was taken before the shots came out, although it may not look like it! :)
Kim Hefflinger and Nicole

The one and only Mr. Gary Shives, Allison and Alex Shives (engaged too!!) The Crew
Jessie waving the Husker flags to the cars drving by before the game...Just trying to get everyone PUMPED!

Here they come!....I just love the Tunnel WalkBring on the Huskers!
I already can't wait until next year...go get the Arizona Wildcats!