Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Keith UpClose....Real Close!!!

Enough Said....right?!!!!!
This was my birthday gift from Chad this year. I knew that Keith Urban was in town this year on my birthday. I knew we were going to the concert with one of my girlfriends and her husband, Tracy & Ethan Mann. I knew that our seats were kindof up high. BUT I didn't know that Chad had a trick up his sleeve, by getting us up close to see Mr. Urban!
The wonderful thing about watching Keith, beside for his looks, is that he is so musically talented!!
This is one of the guitarist in Keith's band. He came over by us, sat on one of the amps and that would be my hand you can see and how close I was from him!

A terrible picture, but good attempt to get a pic of Chad & I on my birthday at the concert. Love ya babe...Thanks for a great birthday!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Fun

We have absolutely loved our summer! There is nothing like a mom who gets to stay home with her child...even if it is just for the summer!! We have done so many fun and memorable things this summer that neither Alex or I are excited to start school again in a week. Just talking about going to school brings tears to my enough about it. Here is a snap shot of a couple of the things we did this summer - when we had a camera.

We had friends over! Caleb and Adrienne came over to play a couple of times. I made chocolate chip teddy bear pancakes...they were lovin' life!
Here they are all squeezed into one of the cubbies in our toy chest.

Chad helping the kiddos build a track for Thomas and his friends. Both Caleb and Alex LOVE Thomas...and poor Adrienne...she doesn't have a choice!

The end of the night...winding down watching Thomas on the tube. The look on Adrienne's face says it all, "You boys are obsessed!"


We enjoyed a nice saturday with the Wewel's and all of the clean personal working at the LaVista Fair Carnival. :) Chad, Alex, John & Thaden on the carrousel!

Alex loving the motorcycles, as he is riding on the back of Thaden's "Harley!"

Chad and Alex rode down the tall slide, Mommy even got to ride down the slide with Alex...just no picture. :(

Alex and Thaden riding the train...more than once of course!

Needless to say, these two boys had a blast!

We got to go play at Mary & Pete's house one Saturday afternoon and Alex just loved making monster puppets (made out of playdough) on his fingers....well they all loved it. And Mom enjoyed talking and catching up with Megan and Dad got to help Marc with his new roof.

I love these moments....when I walk into a room and find Alex doing something that just makes my heart melt. This was right before Alex got his big boy bed and I caught him laying on the floor reading books. Alex loves this Thomas book so much that we read it before nap and bedtime everyday! He has every page memorized and will always say the last word on every page!