Monday, November 9, 2009

Snow Before We Rake The Leaves??...CRAZY!

Isn't crazy to think we received our first snow before we raked our leaves. Actually we have raked our leaves and mowed our lawn twice since the early October snow...Crazy I know. Here are some picture of our fall fun in the leaves. It has been a beautiful November so far! God Bless and enjoy the weather!

"Helping" Mike and Liz rake their leaves on the day after Halloween.

Truly helping Mike and Liz rake their leaves!

Our neighbors Ali and Emily had a blast playing with Alex all afternoon. Alex loved it just as much!!

Laying in the leaves with Ali and Emily. They just loved posing with him...I bet I took 50 pictures of the three of them!

Alex's offical job was the "leave smasher". He was the best kid for the job, we fit so many leaves into that trash bin!

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